The earliest definite reference to cricket is dated Monday, 17 January 1597 which was notably men playing. The International Cricket Council was founded in 1907 which The is the world governing body of cricket.

As the world developed, woman were involved with cricket in the early 1700s with the 26 July 1745 being the exact reference to woman’s cricket. Later down the line the woman’s cricket association was founded in 1926.

Woman’s cricket is definitely on the rise and I would recommend all woman to try get involved as there are opportunities there for all of you. For instance in Hermanus, we have school teams, club teams and an opportunity to represent your region, Boland as higher levels.

Woman’s cricket has risen by 19% since 1998 and the ICC is making moves to give woman’s cricket as much of an opportunity as mens receive at the highest level.

In 2019, Australia hosted the woman’s world cup which achieved the first woman’s game to a full packed stadium with an attendance of 86,174 fans. The final was played between India and hosts Australia where the talented Australian team ended victors.

Cricket south Africa have extended on their woman’s program in recent years and offered their first batch of professional contracts back in 2013. Here we are in 2021 with 14 full time woman cricket players who are all on proper high performance programs.

Hermanus is home to a large number of woman cricketers and are looking to expand on this program. We offer woman’s girls cricket at Hermanus High School, we offer a program at Hermanus Cricket Club with both programs being involved in a competitive league.

There is an opportunity for proper coaching to further woman’s cricket development as well as to be entered into a league of a good standard to test your skills. An opportunity to represent your region if selected and play at a higher level too. To hopefully one day represent your country.

We all started somewhere. Start today and receive an opportunity.

Unitl next time
Hermanus Cricket Academy